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Come and enjoy access. 

Access to the Barnard family farm,

quality time with Beth, Shane, and others like you involved in worship ministry. 

Access a comfy cabin, amazing food, stunning views, and time to rest.

But mostly, come to enjoy a few days

considering the ACCESS we have to our Savior!

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We are Shane and Beth Barnard, and we know from experience how hard it can be for your marriage to flourish while in full-time worship ministry. We have learned that we either schedule time with God and each other in to our lives, or everything else will schedule it out. By God's grace, our vision for this first ever ACCESS Retreat is to come away refreshed, and empowered in a new way to sing to Him and serve one another.  In an intimate group size of a dozen couples, we will have times of worship, times of sitting under God's Word, times of just hangin around the fire, and even one-on-one song writes for anyone who would be interested.

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That may sound funny, and yet, we all know how hard it is these days to find extended time alone together. We are going to have intentional time corporately, but a big part of this retreat is to have set-apart ACCESS to your spouse.  To have your marriage renewed and refreshed through time alone together where you get to just REST. You will get your own TX Hill Country cabin, stocked with goodies and gifts for the week!     

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You'll have full access to 

Wanderin' Star Farms, a place that has been in our family for a couple of decades. God has used this place in the most incredible ways to help us see and savor Him. Hidden among 30 acres of Texas Hill Country oaks and cliffs, access to the farm includes nature trails, horseback riding, giant swings, mini donkeys and gardens - all hosted by the Barnard family (Justin & Marla Barnard - OG worship leaders!) who live on site and love to bless others with the property!  Get ready to FEAST and be pampered!

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Our hope is that having access to all these things above would be a means to an end... Who is Christ.  That we would have a deeper awareness of our access to the King of kings; not just on retreats, but always.   

Through Him we have also obtained ACCESS by faith into this grace in which we stand

                                                                  Romans 5:2



One of the best parts about the ACCESS retreat is that it is small and intimate.  The two prerequisites on this particular ACCESS retreat are:  You need to be married and in worship/music ministry (either you or your spouse).  At the farm, we have ten dreamy cabins- that means we have space for ten couples.  The date of the retreat is October 23-26th, 2022. You will check in on Sunday between 4 and 6pm, with dinner starting at 6pm that night. The retreat will end Wednesday at 11:00am after breakfast and a closing session, song sharing, and testimony time.


We will be at Wanderin' Star Farms in Dripping Springs, just west of Austin, TX (map below).  The cost of the retreat is $1,500 per person ($3,000 per couple). This will cover EVERYTHING once you get there:  your own private cabin, amazing food and drink, date night, snacks,  super fun surprises,  quality coffee, cleaning fees,  taxes... EVERYTHING. You just show up and worry about NOTHING.  Register for the ACCESS retreat by clicking on the link above or below.  Send a message to us and we are off to the races! Can't wait to be with you all!


*  If, by chance,  there are a few of you that would want to go in together, we have a larger cabin (the Barndominium)  that can facilitate up to 4 couples.  It's a fun but small 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, that would require some acquaintance between the couples, like sharing a small house :)  We can discount the couples who choose to go in on the Barndo!

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