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Glasses and Music Sheet

join us for

 The Devotional Songwriting Retreat with Jon Guerra 

Hey there, I'm Jon!

Join me October 6th-9th for my inaugural

Devotional Songwriting Retreat!

Escape to the beautiful Texas Hill Country where we'll spend time connecting with each other and with God.


We'll have quality time together to dig into Devotional Songwriting,

to co-write and get personalized feedback on your songs, and to have our creativity tanks filled up.


Sound like something you're interested in?
Find out more information below!

 About the Venue. 

- Wanderin' Star Farms

Located in Dripping Springs, hidden among 30 acres of Texas Hill Country oaks and cliffs, access to the farm includes nature trails, horses, giant swings, mini donkeys and gardens - Get ready to feast and be pampered!

Comfy cabins, amazing food, stunning views, time to write, rest, and connect. 

 About the Retreat. 

A few years ago, I felt like quitting songwriting. I'd been working as a songwriter for many years, but I didn't love songwriting anymore, I had trouble starting & finishing songs, and I didn't even like the songs I was writing.


So I went back to what I'd done as a kid when I first discovered a passion for music: turning my humanity toward God through song. I began writing Devotional Music, and I haven't looked back. 


Devotional Music is less Sunday morning worship music, and more Monday morning prayer music. It's personal, prayerful, and crafted.

For the last few years, I've been journeying deep into this genre, and I've been writing and creating resources along the way for those who want to discover the beauty of Devotional Music along with me.


I'm so excited to announce my inaugural Devotional Songwriting Retreat, just outside my hometown of Austin, Texas, at a beautiful spot in Texas Hill Country. 


Gathering with a small, intimate group, I’ll be doing a deep dive on Devotional Songwriting itself, I'll be available to listen to songs, chat, offer personalized feedback, and even co-write. I'll also be sharing some of my own songs I'm still working on, as well as performing a concert. 


Additionally, we’ll have morning and evening prayer together, we'll read some of my favorite poems and writings that have inspired me, and engage with some incredible teachings on what it means to be an artist whose work is unto the Lord. You'll also get to connect with others whose creative spirits are being aimed toward God. Finally, we’ll do a Song Share at the end of the retreat for anyone who wants to participate. 


Our output is directly connected to our input, and my ultimate hope with this retreat is to make all of my Devotional Music input sources available to you. And, hopefully, leave you even more inspired to continue pursuing your creative work as unto the Lord. 


Oh, and it’s going to be very tasty and comfortable too! Hosted by the incredible Wanderin’ Star Farms team, we’ll have gorgeous accommodations, eat amazing food, hike, and enjoy the stunning beauty of Texas Hill Country. 


I hope you'll join me for this special time together.

Jon Guerra


Package 1 - $1,500 - one person

Package 2 - $1,750 - married couple (comes with your own cabin)

the total investment covers ALL of it! Lodging, food, the complete devotional songwriting experience, full access to Wanderin' Star Farms, and more. It's going to be a retreat you WON'T want to miss.

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We are excited for you to join us!

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